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…..concise, compassionate, empowering

Bonnie is a Psychic Medium and works closely with her spirit guides.

She loves working with her Flower Therapy Cards as well as Tarot.

As a Medium, she can connect with those in spirit and bring messages and insight to bring clarity to your life’s path.

With her in-depth knowledge of Astrology, Bonnie can look at the planetary influences around you, and give you the insight you need for your life journey.

As a Life Coach and together with her extensive experience as a counsellor, Bonnie can also help give you back “the power” to take life forward on the path you need.

Consultations with Bonnie....

To book your reading please go to the Fees Page and select which one you would like. Bonnie will reply to you as soon as she can. All consultations are treated in the strictest confidence.

Flower Therapy Card Readings