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About Bonnie

 Everything about life excites Bonnie, she is always willing to try any new and exciting experience.  

Bonnie tells everyone she walks in two worlds ~ the world of spirit and the physical world.

Bonnie is a Registered Nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant, Life Coach and Counsellor. Throughout her nursing career Bonnie worked in the mental health field and she also ran her husband’s urology office.  Her wide ranging career has given her the experience and unique insight into the many issues surrounding people from all ages and all walks of life and has provided her with the experience which she now uses in her capacity as a counsellor.

     Bonnie is also a Spirit Medium and Psychic Intuitive, with very strong links to the world of Spirit.  She specializes in love, romance, relationships and sexual issues, giving readings, advice and guidance with the help of her Spirit Guides.
         Her interests include metaphysics, spirit, karmic ties, past lives and of course love. Bonnie's family is very important to her and she also loves to spend a lot of time with her friends who are like family to her.
         Bonnie's passion in life is being a radio talk show host, radio personality, and CEO of her own radio show on Blog Talk Radio, Bonnie Albers On Air, which hosts many guests from all over the world, bringing many worldwide renowned co-hosts to her brand. Bonnie loves the radio; it's in her blood.

       Bonnie is also a regular columnist for the online publication Psychic Insight Magazine. Her “Ask Bonnie” column is extremely popular.

RN LNC CLC CLCIOC Radio Personality  Radio Host